(wow. that was fun to type! 10.10.10. tee hee hee)

i LOVE sundays.
on sundays i can do wonderful things.
i can take my sweet time getting ready.
listening to beethoven and bach, with a little josh groban and andrea bocelli mixed in.
i can attend the most fantastic ward. 
love it.
i can be part of relief society lessons here, which are unlike any others.
i can make my self dinner.
with enough left overs to keep me fed this week.
i can relax.
i can sleep.
i can face my fears and make the approach.
i can make it out a live, and have the strange butterfly feeling.
and i can watch this movie.
a def fav.
someday i will see fireworks. and hands that fit.


All About Gretchen! said...

one of my favorites too:D

kym said...

Is it sad that I know exactly what movie you are talking about without even clicking on the link?