tackled my first day in 3rd grade today
and it was good!
i miss my 4th/5th graders like crazy
and was tackled in the hallway a few times
but i think 3rd grade will be a good experience.
plus, i cant believe i only have about 6 weeks left.
sheesh. this is going by fast!

tonight kasidy and i also decided to attempt the whole 'social' thing
and went to fhe.
it was a. BLAST.
we had a minute to win it competition
and kas and i totally dominated.
i was particularly fabulous at face the cookie.
who knew!

then kas and liz (our new roommate) and i went to see life as we know it.
loved it. every minute of it.
and now im off to sleep.
so long monday
helloooooo gleeday!

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All About Gretchen! said...

that is the best show in the world. And I wanna see life as we know it!