merry christmas to me.
happy birthday to me.
ahhhh what a day! happy happy joy joy!

1. slept with my window open last night....bliss
2. i have the best students in the world
3. a package arrived at school:

5. gorgeous rain and a rainbow on my way home from school.
6.got a new calling. and phew its not teaching sunday school
7. gleeeee night. it was a different glee. a very serious glee, which as kym pointed out is quite the oxymoron but it was glee nonetheless
8. new jason EP. love love LOVE.
9. currently watching 'You've Got Mail.' missing my mom and adding MUST SEES to my list of places to go when kym and i go to new york. whenever that may be...

happy tuesday folks!


kym said...

Very very soon! I have had the biggest urge to just empty out my savings account and jump on a plane with no notice. It's killing me I wanna go so bad

All About Gretchen! said...

:D loveeeee that movie:D