oh today was pretty swell.
it was the halloween celebration at school
so all the kids were decked out in their fun costumes
(and so was i, mind you)
my 3rd graders and i partied all day!
we carved pumpkins, had the donut on a string game, a gooey touch and feel game,
musical chairs, a mummy contest, treats galore, and of course the whole parade around the school.
it was a blast!
but i was definitely drained of all energy when i got home!
so i took an hour long nap,
and then went and volunteered at our stake halloween party for special needs primary and mutual kids.
it was so much fun!
we had all sorts of games and activities set up,
and i think they all had a blast.
i know i did!
what a happy day :)

this is my cooperating teacher and i doing the donut on a string thing.
this kids INSISTED upon it, and im sure it was hilarious to watch!
gotta love the 3rd grade :)