today was the best and worst day ever.
this class of mine is absolutely adorable
and i do NOT want to leave them.
they dont want me to leave either...
which makes me feel like a million dollars.
i was showered with gifts, cards and chocolates
and even an "eiffel tower" made by one of the quietest kids in the class
who i was never quite sure if he liked me or not.
but so many great things happened today.
like after lunch, i ran to the library to get a book for my lesson
and when i came back the lights were off and all the kids yelled
'suprise!' bout scared the pants off me.
then 3 of the girls decided to give me the silent treatment all morning
and wrote me a note saying, they would talk to me again if i agreed to stay.
it was just a great day, even though i was semi on the verge of tears a few times.
blast. how can i get attached to these kids so fast!
luckily i will be in the same school just down the other hall, and will get to see them lots

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All About Gretchen! said...

love it. especially the eiffel tower.