today sucked.
simple as that.
1. i had to LEAVE home and got back to salt lake
2. it took 5 million years to get home 
(im used to driving 4 hours to logan...this is an extra hour and a half!)
3. i unpack and get out my laptop to begin lesson planning and what?
BLASTED hard drive crashed.
 no computer.
no bueno.
is this really happening i ask?
yes it is.
4. so i crawl into bed angry and then....
i get the most random and hilarious text from kym.
wishing me a happy zac efron birthday.
oh joy.
and yes that is all it took to turn my crap day upside down.
and yes i fell asleep and zac efron was in my dream.
and yes i am 22 years old.
deal with it.
p.s. have i ever mentioned that i have always had a thing for scruff?

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kym said...

He's hot. And I'm glad I made your day better