oh gotta love wednesdays.
it was suppossed to be a swim day,
BUT we had a magnificient summer storm instead :P
we got bused to our rain site where we watch the percy jackson whatever its called movie
which i found quite hilarious.
nancy and i laughed a lot
and a bunch of kids kept telling us to shut up cause it wasnt funny.
that made us laugh more.
then we played on the playground
and of course it was now sunny and blistering hot...go figure...
but before i knew it, work was over and it was staff meeting time!
oh this week was good old fanci freeze...yum!
after that, nancy and i went to the institute and sat and talked cause who actually goes to the institute building for a class?!
but we did partake of the wednesday night treat...only because it was SNOWCONES. yes!
after this adventure, we met nancy's friend scott at the movie theater and saw inception.
today was DEFINITELY a good day.
and im soo glad i spent like 16 hours of my day with the same person.
oh good times...