sleeping in a little...
adventures at ross.
lunch at home.
which included lots of giggling as well. 

then, jamming to some BSB in the car.
adventurous shuttle ride to the park.
relaxing in the shade.
cotton candy happiness!
securing our spot close to the stage.
random chick fight behind us. really?
new band to check out...days difference. me like!
macy gray surprisingly entertaining.
having 2 of my campers join us.
i love my 12 year old BFFS :)
and....drumroll please...
oh man. this was 50 minutes of reliving my elementary days.
i felt like i was twelve again. 
and in the words of hannah...'they've still got it.'
i topped the event off with the best lemonade of my life,
and then we hit up merritts. ahhhh good old merritts.

today was a great day. 

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emily janette said...

ahhhh i love the backstreet boys. talk about reminiscing while listening to all those songs you put links too. ahhhh!