today was kind of crappy.
but i survived and its shaping up to be an okay evening.
the highlight of the day was the fact that it was dress like a superhero day
and since we have awesome campers, 
most of them came all decked out in the most random outfits ever.
my favorite part was when two spidermans started fighting.
it was the funniest thing to watch. haha
they eventually figured out their differences and were bffs after that
but i was thoroughly amused in the process.

i also finally took my midterm today and it was definitely the easiest test of my life.
now for the final tomorrow. 
haha yes. procrastination is my middle name.

i forgot to mention 2 of the funniest things that happened yesterday.
while the children were in the room watching a movie,
i was out in the hall calling parents with nancy.
as we quietly walked back into the dark room
all the kids turned around and started applauding us!
it was soo random, and soo great!
it made my life.

then when we were out on the playground,
one kid who is i think 10,
asked me to marry him.
he said he was really 35 so it would be okay,
i laughed so hard,
but then told him actually thats too old for me...
then he started acting like an old man and calling all the other children little 'whipper-snappers'
i think i about died. where on earth do they come up with these things?!


All About Gretchen! said...

hahaha. kids are the best. because i'm a kid:) haha jk

kym said...

Those kids are so funny! I'm glad I got to meet them when we were up there.