only 4 hours of work today
WHICH included lots of phase 10, i've never, and telephone
oh man. kids sure are hilarious and weird. which is why i love them.

then, off to play with the girls!
lots of shopping...which i love.
new swimsuit, shorts, lipgloss, flipflops and i cant remember what else.
dinner in downtown pulled pork and cucumber water of my life...
then off to the most adorable movie i have ever seen.
and that is NO exaggeration.
it is without a doubt my number 2 favorite movie ever. ever. ever.
i laughed. i cried. i bawled. and i was literally overwhelmed with joy. no joke.
it was my kind of movie.
plus, i kind of actually fell a little bit in love with john corbett. 
i think im getting old.
after the movie we had a fantabulous time waltzing around campus
enjoy the river
and the random boy band performance in the park.
ahhhh i love my girls
and...boise in the summer <3


All About Gretchen! said...

I am so jealous of you going to see the movie without me!!! I have been dying to see it! But it's gonna be soon that I'm gonna see it. :) I like the picture of the bridge:)

emily janette said...

john corbett is such a stud.