wednesday = swim day.
pretty sure 12 and 13 year old drama is SO entertaining. those kids kill me! haha i love them!
mom wanted a costco chococlate cake for her b-day. who knew she would get FIVE! seriously, no joke! death by chocolate!
i love that kassie came to work on her day off :D
red robin for moms birthday dinner.
cry gift = success
savers shopping!
mom is making me a tutu for cRaZy DaY! at camp tomorrow!
its going to be AWESOME!

happy wednesday!
and happy birthday to my dear sweet favoritest mom ever.
and happy birthday to my dear friend kassie!
love you both!


Kylie said...

Your blogs make me happy.
I hope your mom had a good birthday. Those cakes are the BEST! :)

sara michelle said...

whit. i love you. just thought i'd remind. post a picture of your tutu!! i'm jealous of your summer job - have i told you that lately? he he. lovesssss

Whit Sariah said...

ahhh shucks. you girls are great. LOVE YOU!