i spent this glorious!
and i mean SHOPPING.
my mom and my sister and i spent 9 straight hours today shopping our lives away!
and it was a blast!
first stop was the flea market 
which is ALWAYS and adventure.
i found a little eiffel tower pin the i adore :P
and there was a scentsy vendor there
so i just HAD to buy 3 new smells!
then we went to the lavender festival in nampa.
definitely got there a little too late in the day,
we missed out on the lunch,
and had to harvest our lavender in the blazing sun,
BUT it was still really fun.
it was a quaint little farm, and just huge fields of lavender...which i love.
after that we went to costa for lunch <3
and then hit up the mall and target.
i bought some happy new shoes,
and earrings!
it was definitely a great day!
as you can tell, but all the annoying !!!!! and :) :) :) i used in this post.
whatever. i cant help myself :)

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