why yes going to blacklight mini golf for our field trip today,
and doing up-side-down lip syncs this afternoon
made my day quite enjoyable.

but the real highlights of my day were:
  •  explosion in random persons yard...what?! run! haha
  • sam's weird love for grandmas ;)
  • working all day with nancy...THEN hanging out after work.
  • getting a call from one of my campers just cause she missed me.
  • running into another camper at target, and getting a huge hug like she hadnt seen us in months.
  • reading jenie's email
  • chocolate costco cake anyone?
  • feeling depressed about missing out on girls night in salt lake, but then randomly getting 4 'i love you and miss you' texts all at the same time.
  • chatting with karinne
  • making birthday surprises
today was a good day.
i really do just love the little things in life...

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katie jane said...

so glad our texts made your night! :) we really missed you. :(