spent most of the drive home reading my book for my summer class.
its music 1010 and is so silly and redundant, i feel as if i could take the tests in my sleep.
the class is catered for students who know nothing about music
but want and need to learn how to love and appreciate classical music.
so as annoying as it is...ahhh i hate to admit it...BUT i kind of enjoy it
most of the lectures he just plays music and pinpoints certain things for us to listen to.
then the textbook we have to read is written in story format!
its about a silly boy in college who starts falling for this girl who is a violin major
and she teaches him all about classical music.
im dead serious, it kills me. 
but i kind of like it at the same time. 
its opens up my mind more to both sides of either loving classical music
or thinking its a complete bore.
its great. 
my favorite quotes from the book, that i read today was:

"music is a natural way to experience the full range of emotion. it opens the window into the soul of other human beings."

ahhh music makes me happy <3
"music is everywhere around us,if only we had ears to hear it."

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All About Gretchen! said...

I love the last one:) Best one i've heard yet:)