i have been pondering for sometime about switching wards with sara michelle. but i knew that for some reason i need to stay but i just didnt know why...until today.
i have been wanting to switch because i have just felt very disconnected from my ward all last semester. i havent felt welcome by any of the other girls in the ward, and just feel a little secluded from everyone there. but i decided to stay just because it was the right thing to do.
today i knew it was the right place to be simply because i felt that every single word spoken was literally catered to me. we learned that when we use our talents and skills to benefit others, we are in turn benefiting our selves and bringing a little more joy into the world. then we learned about the creation of the world and how God's plan has made it so that we can all be eternally happy. then sacrament meeting was all about...happiness. i couldnt believe it. everything that was said was in direct reflection of everything i am trying to better in my life. being happy, and finding joy in the journey. it was seriously an answer to so many prayers and questions i have had for so long.
<3 it!

"each day can be the best day of my life"
"dont worry your life away"
"everyone can create something of substantial beauty"
"as we strive to lift up others, the more we rise up ourselves"
"your future is as bright as your faith"
"learn from your past, don't live in"
"god doesnt care about where we have been, but about where we are and where we are going"
"read: the best is yet to be by: jeffrey r. holland

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