i HATE walking to school.
its uphill
and its negative 1,000 degrees in the morning
however i LOVE walking home.
on thursdays i have a break from 9-12:30
so i take my sweet sweet time walking along
a gorgeous snow covered campus
when i got home, amelia had looked out side and said
"the trees are covered with kind of frost again"
"you mean hoar frost?" i said
she giggled and said "yes, that...i almost called it slut frost"
it made me laugh a lot

i was also VERY happy
that i got to take a nap today
little tikes dont know how sweet they've got it
nap time is like a little slice of heaven...

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Katie Leeflang said...

hahaha oh it made me laugh very muchly so! and it made colin laugh too...i like this blog!