oh boy...this was great.
amelia and i decided to go to the booktable today.
we were driving down 200 north when
....HALT....turkey in the road
so we followed it.

he tried to run away into the church parking lot

but no one would let him in...

so he reluctantly turned around

and tried to bolt across the street

but the cops showed up.
he was a naughty turkey...

only in logan...


Brittany said...

Hey! I'm pretty sure that's my church! haha! On 2nd west? That's the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'm SOOOO glad you took pictures of it. I love this little town.

Kym said...

I love that the cop's number one priority of the moment was to wrangle a turkey

Kym said...

P.S. when I left the first comment, the authorization code was "prom sin" lol

Whit Sariah said...

yup thats the one :)
seriosuly....ONLY in logan. sooo funny