i had a lot of homework to do tonight...
(im soooo good at NOT doing any on the weekends)
and today i thought to myself
"oh i will have plenty of time to do it all at work"
well i didnt.
i actually had to WORK
psh? who would have thunk..
so i was freaking out that i had so much to do and didnt have a computer to do it!
but then i remembered, I DO have my computer!
i was suddently SOOOO happy.
so i nestled in my room
turned on sense and sensibility
and did alllll my homework
while enjoying guacamole and orange juice

ahhh living the simple life


sara michelle said...

i'm so happy you got your computer back :) :)

Whit Sariah said...

ahhhh me too! and guess what?! im getting a NEW-er one that doesn't have a dangling screen hahaha wow...