ahhh what a splendid day!
slept in. 
got breakfast with kassie.
worked for a total of 60 minutes.
got to see 3 of my campers (one of them just happened to me my mini me bella...happy!)
went to sa-wa-di for lunch. mmmmmmmm pad thai.......
random savers pit stop
got a new phone! a happy touch screen one.
finally got my hands on this:
which i have only been waiting for for over a year.
played with my new phone for who knows how long.
made tacos.
finally got to see this with nancy, kassie and my sister:
 oh. so. good.
i sure do love me some zac efron...
but you probably already knew that.
ahhh. today was a good day..

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All About Gretchen! said...

i'm pretty sure i like him more than you:) hahaha and we are watching me and orson welles right this very moment:)