stayed up till 3 last night with nancy giggling 
and copying pictures onto cds for some of the kiddos.
seriously can't believe that camp is over!
we celebrated the last day by going to the natatorium pool downtown.
the kids LOVE the hydrotube, 
and continually went down in all day long.
we hardly ever saw any of them!
which...was kind of sad.
but they had a good time
and it was great last day.
i sure will miss my kiddos!

*this picture isnt from today, but can you see JUST HOW PERFECT this shot is?
kassie took it, and everytime i look at it, i just bust up laughing...
this is the one picture i managed to take today.
i really shouldnt have favorite children,
but if i did,
this would be one of them.
she is seriously the mini version of me.
dang im going to miss them all!

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All About Gretchen! said...

heehe:) That's a cute one:)