day 3 of the ward family reunion.
i only got to go to the dinners on thursday and friday
obviously, because of work,
but the funny part was on friday,
when we took our camp to the park by the natatorium for lunch
there was my WHOLE family...eating lunch in the park.
talk about clash of 2 worlds...

but today... was ward cabin at karney lakes day!
sure do love it up there.
almost the whole ward family was there
swimming, hiking, paddle boating, you name it.
it was an all around good time.
and my favorite part about ward family reunions?
the food.
dang, the wards know how to cook.
bbq ribs for dinner was indeed the highlight.
i was perfectly stuffed the entire time.
ahhh gotta love family reunions :)
<3 my cousins
if you look close enough you can tell this isnt dirt...its tons of tiny frogs!


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All About Gretchen! said...

that was one of the best:)