i have done it! one year. one blog. one million happy things. 
as i look back throughout the year, i am almost overwhelmed at how wonderful it has been. there wasnt a single day in the year twenty ten that i couldn't find joy. each day i was able to see happiness, and realize just how wonderful life is. i had my fair share of crummy days, but i didn't let that stop me from noticing all the happy things in life. i honestly think it has made me a better person, and i know without a doubt that it has been the best year yet. 
finding joy in the journey=best new years resolution ever.
and although i decided not to keep up this blog in the year twenty eleven,
finding joy in each day is something that i will always do.
because whats better than being happy?
it makes life so much easier :)
so here's to a new year!
and 365 days of joy.
happy 2011


All About Gretchen! said...

why can't you do your blog for 2011 too?

the queen mum said...

I am so sad..I have so enjoyed the little journey into your heart and happiness. You are creative, fun,spiritual, energetic, and beautiful whit..for this I love you!

Kylie said...

Congrats on completing this year! I had a great time checking in on your journey regularly. This blog brought me joy, too. Thank you.